Rustic Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Flat and Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Fortunately, modern designers have found the solution to this problem and among his many works have also presented the chimneys flat and wall mount electric fireplace. It’s a great way to keep the warmth of a room without having to sacrifice unnecessary place as they would the traditional fireplaces. The fireplace Electroscope of Platonic is another model that we can choose the category of flat wall mount electric fireplace. Similar [...]

air stone fireplace design ideas

How to Build an Air Stone Fireplace Outdoors

Building an air stone fireplace outdoors is a monumental task. The construction of this work is exhausting and very expensive to boot. Do not let that put you off. The rewards definitely outweigh the costs. An air stone fireplace outdoors can add thousands of dollars worth of your home. In these tough economic times you need every possible advantage to put your home on the market. And of course you [...]

Propane Gas Fireplace Installation

Propane Fireplace Ideas

Propane fireplace operate without vents gas instead of wood. This allows the fireplace provide a rustic appearance of a wood burning fire, without the ash and smoke produced when wood burns. This kind of chimney has several components to ensure that the burning gas efficiently without introducing in the room. The gas line supplies gas to light the propane fireplace. This line is usually located at the back of one [...]

lap garden fence panels ideas

How to Install Garden Fence Panels 6 by 8

Wood panels provide shade and create a structure in the garden. You can use the fence to mark the boundary of your property. A wooden garden fence panels can obstruct the view of an unsightly area, such as air conditioning or garbage cans, and provide privacy. Depending on what wood panels are made ​​will affect the cost as well as appearance. Installation of panels 6 by 8 feet (1.8 2.4 [...]

awesome  gas fire pit table

How to Clean Gas Fire Pit Table

The gas fire pit table in the kitchen is often dirty with grease and dirt. No reason to leave them dirty because cleaning is a relatively quick fix. With a couple of cleaning and a little sweat, you will leave as new gas fire pit table. Instructions How to clean gas burners Kitchen 1. Turn off the pilot light in the kitchen. Most have a switch it off directly. Some [...]

Classic Outdoor Stone Fire Pit

How to Build an Outdoor Stone Fire Pit

A beautiful stone fire pit is a great asset to your outdoor space. Building your own stone fireplace is not complicated, but it is a laborious process. Instructions You can choose a simple well and use coal or wood as fuel or you can install an outdoor gas. If you already have gas lines installed in your home, you can make a professional connect the unit to the existing gas [...]

in ground fire pit images

In Ground Fire Pit Ideas

In ground fire pit – hay guys. how are today? sure everything is good right? okay to talk about the design of the house is to have no end. many interesting and unique ideas to be discussed. development of the interior and exterior design is very advanced. however, this time we don’t discuss about the interior or exterior design. This time we will discuss about the in ground fire pit. [...]

Imagine backyard pizza oven

Elegance backyard pizza oven

Backyard pizza oven is latest craze in outdoor cooking and kitchen courtyard today. A basic of a pizza oven outdoors is not much different from other modern oven, which includes a heated chamber and a heat source. Backyard pizza oven adds elegance and comfort to existing outdoor kitchens, and is available in configurations and natural gas liquids. Just connect oven to gas supply and you’re ready to start cooking artisanal pizza [...]

Rustic fireplace log holder

Rustic Fireplace Log Holder

This multifaceted example rustic fireplace log holder is made in rust colored completion to compliment our fireplace screen. Hand produced using substantial obligation 1/8 inch thick steel right here in the USA! Look over twelve changed grand outlines. Fireplace log holders are 23 inches high by 20 inches wide by 20 inches profound. All rustic fireplace log holders are created from U.s. delivered hot-moved reused steel and are uniquely crafted [...]

two sided fireplace for Your Inspiration

How to Prevent the Escape of Smoke in a Two Sided Fireplace

A two sided fireplace occupies a central space within the home, for example, between the study and living room, so that one can enjoy the warmth and the view in any of these places. For security reasons, fireplaces two sides are equipped with tempered glass or cast iron on both sides. If smoke starts to leak around the chimney, usually due to some current air flowing from either side of [...]